Carrot Celery Juice Recipe

Carrot Celery Juice believe to be able to relief our eyes after long hour of work. For those who need to face computer everyday and long hours reading, carrot celery juice is good for you.

carrot celery
Carrot Celery Juice contain Vitamin A, B, C and K. Besides, it also contain high fibre and beta carotene (antioxidant) which is good for our body.


Carrot celery Juice Recipe:-

  • 60g of Carrot
  • 50g of Celery
  • 1 Apple
  • 200ml of cold water

* you can add a bit of sugar for taste adjustment

Preparation steps for carrot celery juice:-

  • Remove the skin for Carrot and Apple, and cut into small pieces
  • Clean and cut celery into small pieces
  • Put everything into the blender and blend equally.
  • Once everything blend equally, it’s ready to be served

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