Lemon Dragon Fruit Juice Recipe

Dragon Fruit contain high fiber and vitamin which helps the body to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, reduce body heat. At the same time, Lemon contain high Vitamin C which helps in the human immune system. It’s believe that Lemon Dragon Fruit Juice is able to prevent the Arteriosclerosis (hardening of arteries).

dragon fruit lemon

Ingredients for Lemon Dragon Fruit Juice:-
  • half Dragon Fruit
  • 1 small slice of Lemon
  • 180ml of yogurt
Preparation steps for Lemon Dragon Fruit Juice:-
  • Cut off the skin of Dragon Fruit and cut it into smaller pieces
  • Cut the lemon slice into smaller pieces together with it’s skin
  • Put dragon fruit, lemon and yogurt into fruit juice blender
  • Blend ingredients evenly and Lemon Dragon Fruit will be ready to be served

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