Strawberry Grapes Juice Recipe

Strawberry Grapes Juice contain high Vitamin C which helps our immune system and provide anti aging function. The grape fruit and skin is good for fighting against the free radical. It’s also believed that Strawberry Grapes Juice is able to replenish our energy, increase metabolism rate and reduce tiredness.

strawberry grape

Ingredients for Strawberry Grape Juice:-
  • 8 Strawberry
  • 15 grapes
  • 180ml yogurt
  • 1~3 teaspoon of honey
To prepare Strawberry Grape Juice, follow the steps below:-
  • Clean Strawberry and Grapes with water
  • Put Strawberry and Grapes into blender together with yogurt and honey
  • Blend evenly and it’s ready to be served

** This recipe is not suitable for those people who are allergic to strawberry

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