Melon Mango Juice Recipe

Melon mango juice contain high Vitamin A which is good for human eyes. Vitamin A from fruits and vegetable contain antioxidant properties, which helps to protects cells from the daily toxic damage of oxidation. It’s also believe that melon mango juice is able to release the tiredness of the eyes. If you work long hours in front of computer or books, it’s good to give melon mango juice a try 🙂


Ingredient for Melon Mango Juice Recipe:-

  • 100g of Mango flesh
  • 1 slice of melon
  • 180ml of milk
Preparation steps for Melon Mango Juice:-
  • Cut mango flesh and melon into smaller pieces
  • Put the fruits and milk into the fruits blender
  • Blend the fruits evenly and it’s ready to be served

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