Tomato Carrot Juice Recipe

Benefits of Tomato Carrot Juice
Tomato Carrot juice is a very healthy juice which contain high Vitamin A and C. This allow tomato carrot juice to improve sensitive skin and skin complexion. Besides, Vitamin A in tomato carrot juice is also good for eye. If your job requires you to look at computer screen for long time, why not try to make a Tomato Carrot Juice to relief your tired eye.

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Ingredient for Tomato Carrot Juice:-

  • 1 tomato
  • 70g carrot
  • 2 tea spoon of honey

Preparation for Tomato Carrot Juice

  • Cut the tomato into smaller pieces
  • Peel off the carrot skin and cut into smaller pieces too
  • Put the tomato and carrot pieces into juicer for juicing
  • Once the juice ready, put 1~2 tea spoon of honey into the juice and stir equally
  • Done. Tomato carrot juice is ready to be served now

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