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Guava Tomato Juice Recipe – Weight Loss

Guava Tomato Juice is a low fat fruit juice recipe that is good for weight loss. If you want to loss your weight thru natural and healthy way, you can always try this juice recipe. Guava and Tomato contain very low calorie. To have the weight loss effect, drink this juice half an hour before your meal. This is because guava has high thick fibre will make your stomach feel full and you won’t eat too much during your meal. Besides, Guava also contain high Vitamin A and C that will help to improve your immune system.

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Tomato Carrot Juice Recipe

Benefits of Tomato Carrot Juice
Tomato Carrot juice is a very healthy juice which contain high Vitamin A and C. This allow tomato carrot juice to improve sensitive skin and skin complexion. Besides, Vitamin A in tomato carrot juice is also good for eye. If your job requires you to look at computer screen for long time, why not try to make a Tomato Carrot Juice to relief your tired eye.

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Ingredient for Tomato Carrot Juice:-
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Juicer Recipe: Tomato Sugarcane Juice

Juicer Recipe: Tomato sugarcane juice functions:-
Tomato is a good blood purifier. Sugarcane are rich in carbohydrates and increase the body energy. It also helps to strengthen the heart, kidney, brains and liver. It’s also believed that tomato sugarcane juice helps to clear the body heat, it’s very suitable to drink during summer. 🙂

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Ingredients for tomato sugarcane juice:-
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