Juicer Recipe: Lychee Yogurt

Juicer Recipe: Lychee yogurt functions:-
Lychee are rich in Vitamin C and unsaturated fatty acids. It helps to prevent blood clots, stroke, heart disease and cancer. Besides, Lychee also helps to increase the energy of the body and helps in food digestion. With this lychee yogurt, it helps to prevent anemia. However, try not to consume too much lychee as it will increase body heat.

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Ingredients for lychee yogurt:-

  • 8 lychee
  • 250ml of yogurt

Preparation steps for lychee yogurt:-

  • Peel off the skin of lychee and remove the seed
  • Blend the lychee and yogurt together
  • Done, lychee yogurt drink is ready for serving.

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