Juicer Recipe: Banana Dragon Fruit Juice

Juicer recipe: Benefits of Banana Dragon Fruit Juice:-
Dragon fruit helps to clean body toxins, reduce high blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Banana helps to reduce high blood pressure and replenish the body’s vitamins to reduce the effects of a hangover after a night party. A cup of Banana Fruit Juice, it’s helps to detox your body and lower blood pressure.

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Ingredients for Banana Dragon Fruit juice:-

  • Half Dragon Fruit
  • 1 stick of banana
  • 220ml yogurt

Serving size: 1 cup

Preparation steps for Banana Dragon Fruit juice:-

  • First, peel off the skin of the banana and dragon fruit.
  • Cut banana and dragon fruit into smaller pieces.
  • Put the banana and dragon fruit pieces together with yogurt into the fruit blender and blend evenly.
  • Done. the banana dragon fruit juice is ready for serving.

* Picture taken from www.hort.purdue.edu and www.lootcorp.com

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