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Orange Banana Yogurt Recipe

Juicer Recipe: Orange Banana Yogurt benefits:-
Orange contain antioxidant (beta carotene) which helps in fight against free radical. Besides, Orange contain folic acid for brain development. On the other hand, banana able to improve blood pressure, boost energy and reduce water retention. Orange banana yogurt is able to prevent constipation.

orange banana

Ingredients of orange banana yogurt:-
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Spinach Pineapple Juice Recipe

Juicer Recipe: Spinach Pineapple Juice Benefits:-
Spinach and milk are rich in calcium which helps to prevent osteoporosis. Besides, pineapple has Vitamin C that helps to improve our immune system and spinach able to prevent heart disease, atherosclerosis, colon cancer and also act as antioxidant. While mixing with pineapple, it helps to make the taste better and smoother.

spinach, juicer recipe pineapple, juicer recipe

Ingredients for spinach pineapple juice:-
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Juicer Recipe: Apple Raisin Juice

Juicer recipe: Benefits of apple raisin juice:-
Apple able to lower cholesterol level and prevent constipation. Raisin has the function of antioxidant. Apple and raisin able to be converted into energy in our body. Furthermore, Apple raisin juice believe to be able to improve anemia.

apple, apple raisin juice, juicer recipe raisin, apple raisin juice, juicer recipe

Ingredients for apple raisin juice:-
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