Juicer Recipe: Apple Raisin Juice

Juicer recipe: Benefits of apple raisin juice:-
Apple able to lower cholesterol level and prevent constipation. Raisin has the function of antioxidant. Apple and raisin able to be converted into energy in our body. Furthermore, Apple raisin juice believe to be able to improve anemia.

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Ingredients for apple raisin juice:-

  • 2 big spoon of Raisin
  • Half apple
  • 220ml Milk

Preparation steps for apple raisin juice:-

  • Peel off the apple skin and cut into pieces
  • Put all the apple pieces, raisin and milk into the blender and blend evenly
  • Done. Apple raisin juice is now ready to be served.

* Picture taken from maine.gov and luckydogbiscuits.typepad.com

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