Red bean banana Juice Recipe

Juicer recipe: Benefits of Red bean banana juice:-
Red bean and banana are rich in fibre and it helps to resolve constipation, and this helps to reduce the waste that left in the body. Once the waste left the body, our body will be more healthier. Besides, it’s also believed that red bean banana juice has the anti aging function and keep you looks younger.

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Ingredients for red bean banana juice:-

  • 2 big tea spoon of cooked red bean
  • 1 stick of banana
  • 220ml yogurt
  • 1~2 tea spoon of honey

Preparation steps for red bean banana juice:-

  • Peel off the banana skin and cut them into slammer pieces
  • Blend the cooked red bean together with banana pieces
  • Once blended, pour in the yogurt and honey and mixed them evenly and it’s ready for serving

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