Apple Carrot Juice Recipe

Carrot is rich in Vitamin A, B and E. Carrot contain strong antioxidant (beta carotene) which able to prevent cancer and slow down the aging process. Besides, Carrot also able to improve the appearance of skin. It’s also believed that apple carrot juice able to prevent constipation.

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Ingredients for apple carrot juice recipe:-

  • 60g Carrot
  • 1 apple
  • 250ml of yogurt
Preparation steps for apple carrot juice:-
  • Clean and peel off the skin of apple and carrot
  • Cut the apple and carrot into smaller pieces
  • Blend the apple, carrot and yogurt evenly
  • Done, the apple carrot juice is ready for serving

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  1. joyce nyaga Says:

    whih flavour of yoghurt is best to use?

  2. Chua Says:

    you may use your own prefer yoghurt and it may suit your taste better.

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