Juicer Recipe: Grapefruit Tomato Juice

Juicer Recipe: Grapefruit Tomato Juice benefits:-
Grapefruit tomato juice is able to reduce the fat below the skin and clean the additional water from the body. Besides, cabbage contain phytonutrients which helps in fighting against the free radicals and phytonutrients also help in product enzymes that helps in detoxification. It’s believed that the grapefruit tomato juice helps in weight loss and body slimming.

** Do not add any honey or sugar into the juice as honey and sugar will increase the heat energy in the body. **

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Ingredients for grapefruit tomato juice:-

  • 65g white cabbage
  • 1 Tomato
  • 1 Grapefruit
  • Half Apple

Preparation steps for grapefruit tomato juice:-

  • Peel off the skin of grapefruit and apple
  • Cut grapefruit, apple, tomato and cabbage into smaller pieces and blend evenly and get the juice.
  • Done, grapefruit tomato juice is ready to serve now.

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