Juicer Recipe: Black Sesame Grape Juice

Juicer Recipe: Benefits of black sesame grape juice:-
Grape has the function of antioxidant, detoxification and reduce the free radical. Black sesame contain sesamin and sesamolin and it helps to lower the cholesterol, prevent high blood pressure and protect the liver from oxidative damage. It also believe that the black sesame grape juice has the anti aging effect.

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Ingredients for black sesame grape juice:-

  • 1 big tea spoon of black sesame
  • 20 Red grapes
  • Half apple
  • 220ml yogurt

Preparation steps for black sesame grape juice:-

  • Clean the red grapes with water, peel off the apple skin and cut it into pieces
  • Put the grapes, apple pieces, yogurt and black sesame into blender and blend evenly
  • Once it’s blended, Black sesame grape juice is ready to be served

* Picture taken from forums.gumtree.com and kissthehem.blogspot.com

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